Greenlabs (PT Inovasi Hijau Indonesia) is a startup that exists to create a sustainable economy by being at the forefront of bio-based chemicals producers. Greenlabs innovations involve the utilization of biomass to produce bio-based specialty chemicals and polymers, replacing conventional and non-renewable chemicals. Greenlabs also helps industries and academia through its professional consulting, lab services to transform into biochemicals.

Products and Services

Greenlabs bioindustrial chemicals are made from biofatty oils, essential oils, & biomass derivatives. Our bioindustrial chemicals are suitable for PVC, adhesive, paint & coating industries, as well as oil & gas industries.

Researchers from industry or academia may access our RnD facilities to foster science in Indonesia. Lab testing is partially our community services to local researchers.

Algae Division

Greenlabs produces microalgae (Green & Gold Algae) with for air quality and biomass (biofertilizer, chlorofil, biosilica).


Greenlabs introduces a production facility equipped with a 1.5-ton reactor capacity to enhance productivity. Our manufacturing site located in Kedungora, Garut, West Java, holds the promise of capacity enhancement and signifies a new stride for Greenlabs towards sustainability and innovation.

Greenlabs has been invited by @idx_channel to participate in the Women’s Talk program on Friday, March 15, 2024. Represented by Eunike Kartika Salduna, the Director and Founder of PT Inovasi Hijau Indonesia, Greenlabs will share insights regarding Inspiration from Environmentally Friendly Industrial Raw Material Producers. Please visit our Youtube Channel

On January 27, 2024, Greenlabs was invited by @oktanitb to participate in the Chemistry Talkshow (ChemTalk) event with the theme “Chemical Entrepreneurship: Bridging Innovations for a Sustainable Future.” Greenlabs, a startup focusing on chemical innovation, shared its experiences from its inception to the present.

Greenlabs took part in the TECH VENTURE Meetup 2024 held in MRANTI, Malaysia. The event’s focus was to foster innovation and collaboration within the startup ecosystem of ASEAN countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. This meeting also served as a platform to connect startups with major ASEAN companies such as Real Tech Holding, Petronas, and Jetro.


Runner Up for Fortia Impact
The Most Innovative Startup, Bandung Startup Pitching Day 2.0 2022
Winner of Real Tech Holdings Singapore Award in Techplanter Demo Day 2023
1st Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge - Indonesia 2021 & Indonesia Delegates in the Swiss Innovation Challange 2022, Basel, Switzerland

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