GreenlabsTM (PT Inovasi Hijau Indonesia) is spinned off from research labs at universities with pre-seed supports from BPDPKS, LPDP, and DP Chemicals. It focuses on bioindustrial chemicals research, development, and production to create a sustainable economy. Greenlabs also helps local researchers in advancing nationwide scientific research through its resources.

Products and Services

GreenlabsTM bioindustrial chemicals are made from biofatty oils, essential oils, & biomass derivatives. Our bioindustrial chemicals are suitable for PVC, adhesive, paint & coating industries, as well as oil & gas industries.

Researchers from industry or academia may access our RnD facilities to foster science in Indonesia. Lab testing is partially our community services to local researchers.


In response to an invitation from KADIN NET Zero Hub, Greenlabs participated in one of the B20 events on November 13-14, 2022, in Nusa Dua, Bali.

B20 serves as an official dialogue forum and is part of the G20 Summit. Through the forum, Greenlabs actively participated in and supported the goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Greenlabs committed to supporting CO2 zero net emissions. One of our initiatives is the production of environmentally benign bioindustrial chemicals, such as bio-based plasticisers, acrylate monomers, and polymers from fatty oils, essential oils, and biomass derivatives. 

Let’s connect and build a strong sustainable economy for the future !


1st Winner Swiss Innovation Challenge - Indonesia 2021 & Indonesia Delegates in the Swiss Innovation Challange 2022, Basel, Switzerland
The Most Innovative Startup, Bandung Startup Pitching Day 2.0 2022
Winner of Real Tech Holdings Singapore Award in Techplanter Demo Day 2023

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