Bioindustrial Chemicals

Greenlabs Bioindustrial Chemicals

GreenlabsTM bioindustrial chemicals are made from biofatty oils, essential oils, biomass based-furfural, and pine gum rosins. They are readily biodegradable, contain no heavy metals, free from phthalates, no animal origin, & GMO free.
Our bioindustrial chemicals are suitable for PVC, adhesive, paint & coating industries, as well as oil & gas industries.

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Bioplasticizer for PVC

G-Plast X1 is a bioplasticizer – made from fatty oils – for for PVC-based products. Unlike other carcinogenic phthalate plasticizers (i.e., dioctyl phthalate or DOP and diisononyl phthalate or DINP), G-Plast X1 is non-toxic & safe to plasticize polymers for medical devices, home appliances, food packaging, plastic toys, sports goods, or cable & wires insulations.

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Bio-Acrylate Monomer

G-Acrylate X1 is a functional acrylate monomer made from biofatty oil and compatible to be copolymerized with styrene or other acrylic monomers to create unique water- or solvent-based polymers. G-Acrylate X1 is also readily homopolymerized by UV-initiators.

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Bio Oil Spill Dispersant

Formulated from water-based and biodegradable active compounds, G-Spill capables of cleaning up oil spill in oceans or reducing total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) content in contaminated soils.
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Bio Degreaser

G-Degrease is an industrial biodegreaser made from non-edible biofatty oils from plants. G-Degrease is non flammable, non-toxic, renewable, and readily degradable. G-Degrease has capability to clean synthetic grease or machinery lubricants on steel and at the same time inhibit the steel from corrosion.

Odor Removal

G-Sorb is a natural, water soluble, and non-perfumed odor removal. It does not mask the odor, but chemically convert the odor into a non-odor substance. It works well to neutralize odor from rotten meat/fish, garbage, feces, vomit, and pet-related environment.

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Corrosion Inhibitor

G-Inhib 50 is a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor made from fatty oils. Our carbon steel-dip test on 3.5% NaCl solution showed its superior performance to inhibit the corrosion rate of a metal surface exposed to the corrosive environment.


G-Adhesive DP ASW-1020 is a waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) made from a copolymerization of Greenlabs’ biomonomer acrylate (G-Acrylate) w/ other acrylates. This product is a collaborative work between Greenlabs & DP Chemicals. G-Adhesive is non irritant to skins (dermatology test by PT Saraswanti Indo Genetech).

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G-Surf stands as a surface-active agent
highly esteemed across diverse industries for
its remarkable capability to reduce surface
tension, whether between two liquids, between a gas and a liquid, or between a liquid and a solid. Renowned for its bio-based composition, G-Surf is primarily water-based, distinguishing it as an environmentally friendly solution.

Oil Solidifier

Oil solidifier is made from natural fatty acid to solidify waste cooking oil prior to its disposal back to nature.